Egypt’s Tutankhamun temporary exhibition to return back from London to Egypt

The temporary exhibition of King Tutankhamun entitled “Tutankhamun … Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh” will return back from London to Egypt. The exhibition moved to the British capital, London, in November 1, in its third stop after Paris and Los Angeles. The French and international news outlets reported that the temporary exhibition of King Tutankhamun

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All Incoming Passengers to Egypt Must Present Negative PCR Test for COVID-19

Egypt has announced new air travel restrictions and health regulations amid the continuing spread of coronavirus. Under the new regulations introduced by Egypt’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), all incoming passengers, including Egyptian citizens, are required to produce a PCR analysis to confirm that they are coronavirus-free, Al Arabiya reports. Under the new regulations, PCR tests

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Explore the best five tourist destinations after COVID-19!

Summer is knocking the door and this is usually the best time of the year that most of people around the world love to travel, explore, gain new experiences and find out new places in our small globe! Just tell us what is the destination of your dreams and leave all the work to us,

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Have you tried the Egyptian food before?

The range of Egyptian food is very wide and cosmopolitan. Mostly you will find the dishes a combination between Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants and snack bars that offer good range of inexpensive food. Typical Egyptian food of falafel and Beans (fol) is sold everywhere. Egypt is also famous for its

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Google launches translator app for ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

Elaborately carved pictograms line the lids of magnificent sarcophagi and the storeys-high walls of ancient Egypt’s temples and tombs, and now they’ll be even easier to decipher thanks to a new Google app feature that can translate Egyptian hieroglyphs using artificial intelligence. Released as part of Google’s Arts & Culture app, the tool is called

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